3D Ground Modelling

3D ground modeling will determine the most cost effective earthworks strategy for a project. Tens of thousands of pounds can be wasted on unnecessary earthworks. Hundreds of thousands of pounds can be wasted if the unnecessary earthworks involve moving contaminated or hazardous materials.

Airedale Surveys Limited has specialist land surveying software which allows the construction of 3D ground models. These models can represent the existing topography or the proposed formation levels. As I have over thirty years in construction I am well qualified to determine the construction depths required for various paved surfaces or soft landscaping thereby allowing me to convert the Engineer’s design levels drawing into something much more useful, the bulk earthworks construction levels required. Once the two models have been constructed the cut and fill volumes between the two models can be calculated. This calculation is far more accurate than the traditional method of cross sections and has been used by me to adjudicate in several financial disputes over earthworks volumes. A drawing can be produced showing where the cut and fill areas are and, if required, a 3D image of each model to help the client understand the calculations..The projects listed below are those on which I was able to assist the project management teams to lower the costs of the earthworks and shorten the construction program.

Recent Experience / Past Projects.
Sheffield Building Schools for the Future. January 2007 to September 2010.3D ground modeling and design carried out on 5 major projects, Bradfield School, September 2010, Parkwood School, August 2010, City School, March 2010, Chaucer School, December 2009, Stocksbridge School, October 2009.

3D modeling and design carried out on various Tesco projects between 2004 and 2008. The larger projects being Tesco Hanley, April 2008, Tesco Havant, August 2008, Tesco Hastings, July 2007, Tesco Hemsworth, July 2007, Tesco CDC, Livingston, June 2006, Tesco Sowerby Bridge, May 2006, Tesco Bradford, July / August 2005, Tesco Pontypool, September 2004

St Helens Hospital, December 2008.
Trans-Pennine Express, March 2005.