Setting Out & Land Surveys

Setting Out
Setting out, if it is not done correctly, can cost a project financially and the site could seriously fall behind program.

Setting out can be at low accuracy, for instance earthworks, or, sometimes the highest accuracy is required, inside a nuclear reactor for example. I have over thirty years experience which spans the whole range of setting out and have an excellent knowledge of setting out procedures. I have been totally responsible for the dimensional control of bridges over the A1, heavy reinforced concrete structures in sewage treatment works, steel plants and oil refineries, numerous roads, dual carriageways and sections of motorway and over 40 supermarkets.

I make a point of checking all the setting out drawings and information before I start. This leads to a no fuss, no drama operation.

Land Surveys / Engineering Surveys
My land surveying experience has been mainly in engineering surveys, those at scales of 1 to 500 to 1 to 200. I use Sokkia survey equipment and software which I have found in the past to be more than up to any surveying or setting out task. Again I have over thirty years experience in land surveying. I have completed topographical surveys and checked topographical surveys for Architects, Consulting Engineers and Project Managers.

I also have a lot of experience in observing surveys in the difficult urban environment.

My surveys are produced in a CAD or DXF digital format and are usually a 3D model.

If it is a large project it pays to have someone with experience .

Building Surveys
More recently I have been asked to do a number of internal building surveys for the Building Schools for the Future program in Sheffield. These involved traverses inside and outside the buildings, linking these traverses and hanging the internal survey onto the external outline through accurately coordinated common points.